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CBS Radio News

Tennis Maynard Moved To Psychiatric Hospital


The man accused of shooting and killing Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum has been moved from the Western Regional Jail in Huntington to the William R. Sharpe Jr. Hospital in Weston.


34 year old Tennis Melvin Maynard of Delbarton had been awaiting trial after being released from a hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds sustained when he attempted to flee from police and then allegedly pointed a gun at a deputy.  He is charged with attempted murder for that part of the incident last April.


Cabell County Circuit Judge Paul T. Farrell postponed a murder trial for Maynard last month.  The trial was supposed to start this week.  Farrell did not publicly proclaim a reason for the postponement and he did not set a new trial date.


Maynard’s attorney is prohibited from discussing the matter.  The judge postponed the trial during a hearing of the results of a psychiatric evaluation of Maynard to determine if he was competent to stand trial for the murder of Eugene Crum.


Farrell met with the defendant and lawyers behind closed doors to discuss the evaluation.


State law says an inmate may be moved from jail or other incarceration to a state psychiatric hospital if a doctor deems the inmate incompetent.


Maynard pleaded not guilty to the murder and attempted murder.  He also faces numerous federal gun charges.

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