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168 COVID-19 deaths go unreported, according to state health officials

West Virginia recently discovered over 160 COVID-19 deaths were not reported to the state in recent months.

Seventy facilities spread over 30 counties did not follow reporting guidelines concerning 168 deaths resulting from coronavirus, according to Health Officer Dr. Ayne Amjad.

“Right now, we are very disappointed,” Amjad said. She confirmed state officials will be reaching out to the facilities to ascertain how the reporting went wrong.

Amjad said the facilities did not fill-out the state’s COVID-19 death report in connection with the deaths. The deaths were first discovered last Friday following a check of death certificates at the Office of Vital Statistics.

Justice said the incident will not be tolerated and he plans to honor the 168 victims during his COVID-19 response briefing this Friday.

Justice said more than half of the deaths occurred at hospitals.

“This is absolutely not acceptable,” Justice said.

The state reported 2,330 COVID-19 deaths in today’s daily release of COVID-19 cases. That total does not include the 168 additional deaths. The additional deaths would put the state death toll to 2,498 fatalities.


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