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28 Deaths Reported in W.Va. Tuesday

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources reported 28 deaths due to COVID-19 Tuesday.

Seventeen of the deaths reported today occurred between October and December this year and were not originally determined to be caused by the complications from coronavirus. The Bureau for Public Health’s continuing data reconciliation with the original death certificates have attributed the following deaths to COVID-19: a 38-year old male from Kanawha County, an 80-year old male from Mineral County, a 68-year old male from Wetzel County, an 86-year old female from Monroe County, a 42-year old male from Logan County, a 70-year old male from Wood County, a 70-year old male from Braxton County, a 55-year old female from Mingo County, a 64-year old male from Lewis County, an 82-year old male from Greenbrier County, a 73-year old male from Mason County, a 75-year old male from Lincoln County, a 96-year old male from Mercer County, a 78-year old male from Randolph County, a 60-year old female from Fayette County, a 50-year old female from Fayette County, and a 54-year old male from Marion County.

The other new eleven deaths include a 63-year old male from Cabell County, a 73-year old female from Wayne County, a 53-year old male from Harrison County, an 85-year old male from Raleigh County, a 77-year old female from Raleigh County, a 52-year old male from Cabell County, a 71-year old male from Fayette County, a 62-year old male from Webster County, a 75-year old female from Berkeley County, a 61-year old male from Cabell County, and a 78-year old male from Ohio County.

West Virginia’s death toll now stands at 5,288 fatalities

The Mountain State currently has 8,604 active cases of COVID-19.



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