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Appalachian Power To Tap Fresh Start Funds To Help Those Behind On Power Bills

The state Public Service Commission is giving Appalachian Power Company the okay to use money saved in the 2018 federal tax cuts to help thousands of customers who haven’t been able to pay their monthly electric bills because of the pandemic.

The PSC approved a previous request from Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power companies Tuesday.

Appalachian Power’s Phil Moye said the companies can now use $13 million it has in Fresh Start Funds to help with late power bills. Fresh Start was created after the federal tax cuts of 2018 in which Appalachian Power saved millions of dollars. The money has been used to help low-income customers with their bills.

Moye said approximately 27,000 customers late on their bills since the pandemic started will receive a credit as a result of the PSC’s order.

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