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Boone County VFDs put out early morning fire in Madison


MADISON Three Boone County fire departments responded to a working structure fire Monday morning.

According to the Madison Volunteer Fire Department, firefighters responded to a fire in the South Madison area after three o’clock Monday morning January second. Crews say the fire was in an outbuilding and fully involved when they arrived.

Firefighters say the occupied home was about 20 feet away and exposed to potential spread of the fire, however, crews were able to get the fire under control.

Volunteer squads from Danville and Van also responded to the scene. The Madison department says the additional equipment and mutual aid from other fire departments was crucial in the response.

Crews managed to extinguish the blaze before it could spread to a dwelling twenty feet away from the outbuilding.

The firefighters say there were no injuries and no damage to nearby structures.



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