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Buffalo Creek trout stocking increased 10%

Trout stocking for Buffalo Creek has increased by 10 percent.

More than 2,800 trout are set to be released into Buffalo Creek over the next few months as part of Governor Jim Justice’s Spring Trout Stocking Initiative. An initial 2,800 fish were stocked earlier this year.

W.Va. Division of Natural Resources increased the stocking because of Buffalo Creek’s access, water quality and stream habitat improvements that have occurred.

State DNR Director Stephen McDaniel said the additional stockings are a win for residents and visitors.

"We think that this stream is ready for even more trout and it’s going to be great for the people of Man and southern West Virginia and really help with tourism,” McDaniel said.

Buffalo Creek is stocked monthly between February and May. Trout are stocked at various bridges and access sites upstream from the town of Man. Moreover, the creek will also receive a stocking of 2,500 fingerling rainbow trout this spring.

Last week, the governor said trout stocking improvements will allow for 1.2 million fish to be stocked this year.



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