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Chapmanville K-9 still missing after several days

Officer Dudley and K-9 Officer Chase pictured above. Chase ran off in the South Charleston area Tuesday.


SOUTH CHARLESTON Chapmanville’s K-9 unit is still missing since it was last seen Tuesday morning.

K-9 Officer Chase went missing sometime between seven and eight o’clock Tuesday morning, according to the dog’s handler and partner. Officer Marcus Dudley put out a social media post Tuesday afternoon for residents and the public in general to help with the search. South Charleston Police are heading up the search.

Officer Dudley said Chase was on his chain in the yard to answer nature’s call. Dudley said he returned to only find the collar still attached to the chain. The dog, a two-year old Belgian Malinois was last seen in the South Charleston area of Second Avenue.

The dog is said to be friendly with a white spot of fur on his chest. Dudley said Chase would most likely come to someone with a bowl of water.

Police Chief Alan Browning says the South Charleston Police are checking with residents with door bell and surveillance cameras to track Chase.



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