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Coalfields Students Return To Blended Learning Jan. 19

Logan and Boone County students will return to the blended learning model Tuesday.

The move follows an announcement by Gov. Jim Justice that elementary and middle school students should transition back to the classroom 5 days a week beginning Tuesday, Jan. 19. Ultimately, Gov. Justice left the decision up to the local school boards.

Later, the West Virginia Board of Education took away the fully virtual option for local school boards. However, parents may individually opt for virtual learning for their children.

After the announcement from the state board, the Logan and Boone County Boards of Education announced they would return to a blended learning model.

Half of the students will attend classes in-person on Monday and Tuesday, the other half on Thursday and Friday. All students will learn remotely on Wednesday as the school is deep cleaned. Students will learn remotely on the days they do not attend in-person classes.

Which days a child attends in-person classes will be determined by his or her last name.

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