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County Voting Precincts Consolidated, Moved

Elections precincts were consolidated and changed in Logan County this week.

The Logan County Commission accepted changes to the county’s voting precincts proposed by Logan County Clerk John Turner during Monday’s meeting of the commission.

Three precincts have been consolidated with other voting places. Two of the changes are simple, however the third consolidation may seem complicated when it comes to deciphering the state's delegate districts.

Precinct thirteen at West Logan was folded into precinct eleven at Crooked Creek, and precinct ten at Henlawson was lumped in with voters at precinct fourteen in Justice Addition.

Precinct 54, Price Bottom in lower Holden, was consolidated with precinct 45B at the Cora Volunteer Fire Department. Precinct 45 is divided into two voting precincts due to House of Delegates district lines for the twenty fourth and twentieth house districts. Price Bottom already voted at the fire department but will now be a part of the Whitman precinct 45B.

Of course, precincts may be undone when the legislature finally certifies a new district map for the House of Delegates. The state house will be represented by 100 single delegate districts beginning in 2022

Precinct 21 in the state road garage at Amherstdale moved locations to Buffalo Elementary School. The grade school is also the voting place for the precinct 20 Accoville.

Clerk Turner said notices have been posted at the precincts to notify the public of the changes. He said his office will continue to publicize the changes through his office’s social media account and through legal advertisements with the paper of record and the radio.

The changes represent a reduction in county voting precincts from 36 down to 33.

Turner said the changes comply with state code



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