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COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available In WV In December

Gov. Jim Justice suggested West Virginians may expect the availability of vaccines for covid-19 just a couple of weeks into December, and he’s so confident that he’s considering getting his own shot on one of his regular broadcasts.

The governor said the first batch of vaccine is likely to come from Pfizer, arriving between Dec. 10 and 12. Another vaccine produced by Moderna will come out shortly after that.

Justice expressed confidence that the Food and Drug Administration is providing adequate oversight. “We have the most stringent guidelines in the land,” he said.

The governor said Gen. James Hoyer is spearheading distribution efforts. Justice said he will sign an executive order setting up a task force to focus on distribution.

Hoyer said the initial focus will be on nursing homes because so many fatalities have been residents. More distribution will be aimed at assuring uninterrupted services by healthcare providers.

Responding to a question about public trust in the vaccines, Justice indicated he’s strongly considering getting his own shot on camera. Last month, while urging state residents to get flu shots Justice got his for the public to see.



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