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Danville resident arrested for bomb threat at Greenbrier Resort

PHOTO | Regional Jail

A Boone County man was charged with making terroristic threats to the Greenbrier Resort and a Charleston retirement home.

State Police arrested 62-year-old Joseph Toler, of Danville for allegedly calling in bomb threats to the Summers County 911 center on June twenty-fifth.

Police said Toler claimed bombs were placed in the Greenbrier Resort and at the Edgewood Summit retirement home in Charleston.

The caller said the bombs would detonate that afternoon.

Law enforcement in Greenbrier County and Kanawha County responded to the two locations. The Greenbrier Hotel and the retirement home were evacuated and searched. No bombs were discovered. A third call alleged that police were running out of time to find the bombs.

According to police, troopers from several detachments were able to trace the calls to Toler’s cell phone

He was arrested on three counts of making terrorist threats and three counts of falsely reporting an emergency.


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