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EPA To Implement Stricter Rules For Disposing Of Coal Mine Wastewater

President Joe Biden has begun rolling back Former President Trump’s regulatory rollbacks on coal mine wastewater.

On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced stricter requirements for the disposal of toxic wastewater from coal-fired power plants.

Last summer, the Trump Administration and the EPA announced a “flexible, phased-in” approach to make compliance from the coal industry easier while protecting the environment.

The EPA estimated, at the time, the Trump rollback would save the coal industry $140 million each year and still reduce pollution by a million pounds annually.

EPA officials now say that wastewater rule is lacking.

Monday’s announcement is just one of many Trump Administration rollbacks the current administration is wanting to reverse.

Implementing new wastewater regulations will take time. The environmental agency says new wastewater requirements may be prepared by fall of next year and a finalized rule by the end of President Biden’s term in office

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