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Expansion Of HMT Into Wayne Co. Meets Resistance

An attempt to expand the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System into Wayne County is being met with some resistance.

The Army Corps of Engineers proposed expanding the trail system into the trails of East Lynn.

Officials with the trail system say their proposal would expand their footprint in Wayne County by taking over existing trails in the East Lynn Lake area. If it goes through, they say it would close some routes (116 miles) but would provide a safe, legal place to ride. That includes 43 miles of existing trail and constructing another 5 miles.

However, others who live locally and have regular access to the trails that are already there fear this will take away from the joy they’ve experienced on the land.

More than 11,500 signatures have been gathered in an online petition to stop the expansion.

Some complain it would take the trails away from those who regularly access them if they’re commercialized. Others fear they won’t have access to family cemeteries scattered among the trails.

Public comment regarding the trails is open until September 2 on the West Virginia Department of Transportation website.


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