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Farley to run for Logan County Commission in 2022

Logan County Board of Education President Jeremy Farley says he has decided not to run again for the board next year. Instead, he plans to move forward with a campaign for a seat on the Logan County Commission.

Farley posted his decision to his personal Facebook account Monday night.

Originally elected in 2016 to complete Mark McGrew’s unexpired term, Farley was elected to a full four-year term in 2018.

A Primary Election set for May of next year and the General Election later in November, Farley said he just wanted to put the word out now to let people know what is going on.

“To be transparent,” Farley said, “if the good lord will let me make it that long.”

Farley says he has not fleshed out a platform this early, but he wants much the same as everyone else.

“We want to create a situation where there are more jobs and better things here to build for a future,” Farley said.

The Eastern District of the Logan County Commission will be up for election next year. That seat is currently occupied by Commissioner Danny Ellis.

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