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Gore chosen as Youth Heart Ambassador

The American Heart Association, which is committed to a world where everyone leads healthier lives, has chosen the class of 2022–2023 Youth Heart Ambassadors to serve as the face and spokesperson for the organization's in-school initiatives. They will share their personal stories to actively and passionately encourage other kids to develop healthy habits that will improve their mental and physical well-being. Mingo Central High School junior, Hillary Gore, has been chosen for the volunteer position.

The Youth Heart Ambassadors commit to serving the American Heart Association for a year as volunteers, helping it to be a persistent force for healthy lives for all. The title allows young people a platform to tell how cardiovascular disease has affected their lives and to promote, advocate, and emphasize the need to generate vital funds. For the position of Youth Heart Ambassador, the American Heart Association accepted applications from young people who have been impacted by heart disease or stroke, either personally through a diagnosis, through a loved one's diagnosis, or through a change in their own lifestyle.

“Being the National ambassador for the American Heart Association honestly made my year,” Gore stated. “since I was in kindergarten, I’ve been helping them fundraise to help save lives like mine. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to spread the importance of heart health not only in my state, but nationally as well.”

The ambassadors work closely with the organization’s in-school programs, Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge. Though deeply rooted in physical activity, the programs have expanded beyond the gymnasium to meet the needs of youth and educators. The curriculum of both programs aid in preparation for today’s youth, supporting their physical and emotional well-being.

Wendy Bradley, Youth Markets Director for the American Heart Association remarked, “She (Gore) will be an incredible role model for so many on how to live a healthy life! Helping her integrate her ideas to bring even more awareness to her community and to the schools is going to be inspiring! We both are ready to help everyone make the change to living healthier lives!”



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