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Gov. Justice Aims For 70% Of Population To Be Fully Vaccinated

Gov. Jim Justice said West Virginia has now given at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine to 50.9% of its eligible population and needs to keep pushing to get that number to 70%.

According to the governor, officials have now determined that the Mountain State has a total eligible population to get vaccines of 1,470,000.

If that figure is accurate, the governor said, that means the state has given at least one shot to 50.9% of its eligible population and the goal is to reach 70% (1,029,000 residents). He said 37.9% of the state’s eligible population has been fully vaccinated.

Justice said he continues to encourage those ages 16 to 35 to get vaccinated because younger people are the ones who are spreading the virus.

Of the state's residents 65 and over, the governor said, about 77% have received the COVID vaccine. He said the goal remains to reach 85%.



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