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Gov. Justice's Pick For Wayne Co. Delegate Supported By W.Va. Supreme Court

The West Virginia Supreme Court backs Gov. Jim Justice’s choice to fill an empty delegate seat in Wayne County.

Derrick Evans resigned from the seat January 9 after he posted a video to his social media accounts showing his part in the U.S. Capitol Insurrection.

It was then up to the Wayne County Republican Committee to submit a list of candidates to the governor suggested for filling that seat.

According to Wayne County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Jeff Maynard, that list was submitted January 14. The list contained three candidates.

Maynard alleges on January 21st, a new list of candidates was allegedly submitted by the state’s Republican executive committee. That list consisted of two of the members from the original list, and one new one.

Gov. Justice selected Joshua Booth, the only person submitted on the new list but not the list from the county Republican Committee.

Maynard filed a lawsuit in connection with the situation.

Tuesday afternoon, the state Supreme Court refused to issue a writ to overturn the appointment. The court will issue a more detailed opinion later, but handed down its ruling immediately since the legislative session starts Wednesday.

Joshua Booth will represent Wayne County in the 2021 W.Va. Legislative Session.



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