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Hatfield-McCoy Trails Suspend Expansion At East Lynn

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails pulled the plug on an expansion project at East Lynn Wildlife Management Area following overwhelming community opposition.

The now suspended proposal would have expanded the trails in Wayne County by taking control of existing trails for development at East Lynn Lake. The property is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and leased to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Off road riding is not permitted by law within Wildlife Management Areas.

WV Metro News reported the initial idea behind the trail expansion was a compromised solution to the illegal riding that currently persists. The proposal would have transferred approximately 9,000 acres to the trail system where most riding would be permitted with the exception of full size vehicles.

An online petition garnered over 12,000 and nearly 100 people turned out for a public hearing last month. Moreover, 400 comments were delivered through an online portal set up for formal comments.

A press release Tuesday from the Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority confirmed the suspension of the project due to the responses and participation of community members during the public input period



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