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LCC Special Meeting To Implement New Magisterial Map

A special meeting of the Logan County Commission will be conducted 3 p.m. Monday, January third in the Commission Annex Building on Stratton Street across from the courthouse.

The meeting’s purpose is to implement the new magisterial districts in the county.

Earlier this month, commissioners approved a new magisterial map with four districts. The new districts are the first major changes to the magisterial map since 1993

Commissioners voted 2-1 to approve four districts. President Danny Godby and Commissioner Danny Ellis voted in favor of the new map. Commissioner Diana Barnette voted against the map and cited a campaign promise to support a three district map that divided the county into North, Central and Southern districts.

Magisterial districts determine eligible residencies of candidates to run for election to the county commission and board of education.

Four districts doesn’t mean more commissioners but it does mean at least two districts will be up for election every cycle.

The map selected was the seventh map in a series of the maps contracted by the commissioners from the West Virginia GIS Tech Center.

A regular meeting of the Logan County Commission will be 3pm Thursday, January sixth. Items listed on the commission’s agenda include a funding request for the Logan High School cheerleaders

Meetings of the Logan County Commission are open to the public.

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