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LHS Beta Club Wins Big At State Beta Convention

PHOTO | Submitted

Logan Beta Club members & WLHS team members Hayden McCloud, Rosey Gillette and Madison Haugen won for their video on COVID rebuidling at the state Beta Convention last week.

Logan High School Beta Club students won big time at the state Beta Convention last week.

Students from across the Mountain State competed in a range of events at the West Virginia Beta Convention on November Third and fourth. Competition categories included academics, the arts and engineering.

A school needed to place in the top three to qualify for the National Beta Convention in Nashville this summer. Logan Betas placed in 53 categories. Twenty of the categories received first placement.

One of the first-place winners is WLHS correspondent Rosey Gillette for a piece she and other WLHS team members produced for the Technology category.

The video clips through snapshots of the pandemic and what students have endured while the world was paused and the struggles of the modern student.

“We put together a video that just focused on rebuilding after a year of COVID and isolation,” Gillette said on Friday’s edition of What’s Your Opinion. “And really coming together and highlighting that you can’t hold down a Wildcat. We’re always going to come back stronger than we were before.”

Gillette produce the video alongside students Hayden McCloud and Madison Haugen.

The National Beta Club's motto is "let us lead by serving others,” and the national club is going to do just that. The video will be available on their website as an example of what betas should strive for.

Logan also had a student win the State Presidency. Raylee Sipple is Logan High's third consecutive win as Beta State President. Her tenure of office begins July 1, 2022.

The Logan High Beta Club is seeking donations to defer the cost of attending the National Convention.

Donations can be made to Logan High School Beta Club and mailed to the high school at: One Wildcat Way, Logan WV 25601 or dropped off at the school. All donations are welcome and appreciated.

Logan High School Beta Con Winners

PHOTO | Logan High School

AGRISCIENCE 10TH GRADE - 1st Place: Caitlyn White

AGRISCIENCE 11TH GRADE - 1st Place: Luke Spurlock

AGRISCIENCE 12TH GRADE - 1st Place: Kaylee Hensley

AGRISCIENCE 9TH GRADE - 1st Place: Carter Neal


COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY DIVISION I - 3rd Place: Madison Haugen


CREATIVE WRITING DIVISION II - 3rd Place: Hannah Thompson

DIGITAL ART DIVISION I - 2nd Place: Dalanee Hatcher

DRAWING DIVISION II - 1st Place: Brooklyn White

ENGINEERING 3rd Place: Kolton Goldie, Jackson Akers, Jordan Hayes, Sam Adkins, Matthew Hutchinson

FIBER ARTS DIVISION II - 2nd Place: Allie Burton

FRESHMAN PROBLEM SOLVING - 1st Place: Kevin Chen and Nina Porter

JEWELRY DIVISION I - 2nd Place: Taylor Noe

JEWELRY DIVISION II - 3rd Place: Emma Elkins

LANGUAGE ARTS 10TH GRADE -2nd Place: Joseph Canterbury

LANGUAGE ARTS 12TH GRADE - 1st Place: Rebekah Mahone

LANGUAGE ARTS 9TH GRADE - 2nd Place: Ashton McDonald

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS - 3rd Place: Maggie Mahone, Caitlyn White, Suzannah Meade

MATH 10TH GRADE - 2nd Place: Maggie Mahone

MATH 11TH GRADE - 1st Place: Brenna Buskirk

MATH 12TH GRADE - 3rd Place: Brooke Ooten

MATH 9TH GRADE - 2nd Place: Robert Ilderton

MIXED MEDIA DIVISION I - 1st Place: Dalanee Hatcher

ONSITE DRAWING DIVISION II - 2nd Place: Anthony Page Jr.


PAINTING DIVISION I - 1st Place: Savannah Vannatter

PAINTING DIVSION II - 2nd Place: Brenna Buskirk

POETRY DIVISION I -2nd Place: Halle Crouse

POETRY DIVISION II - 1st Place: Brenna Buskirk

PORTFOLIO – 1st Place: Rosey Gillette, Chloe Bryant and Lainey Trent

QUIZ BOWL Oral Rounds - 2nd Place: Tristan Burgess, Will Stanley, Rylee Hensley, Rebekah Mahone

Quiz Bowl Written Rounds - 3rd Place: Tristan Burgess, Will Stanley, Rylee Hensley, Rebekah Mahone

RECYCLABLE ART DIVISION I - 3rd Place: Suzannah Meade

RECYCLABLE ART DIVISION II - 2nd Place: Elizabeth Sheppard

ROBOTICS SHOWCASE - 2nd Place: Mason Skidmore, Chase Hatfield, Carter Neal, Maggie Mahone, Eric Chen

SCIENCE 10TH GRADE - 3rd Place: Eric Chen

SCIENCE 12TH GRADE - 3rd Place: Ashton Abbott

SERVICE LEARNING SHOWCASE - 1st Place: Payton Butcher

SOCIAL STUDIES 11TH GRAD - 2nd Place: Rylee Hensley

SOCIAL STUDIES 12TH GRADE - 3rd Place: William Stanley III

SOCIAL STUDIES 9TH GRADE - 3rd Place: Addyson Amick

SPANISH 10TH GRADE - 2nd Place: Mason Skidmore

SPANISH 11TH GRADE - 2nd Place: Mara Vandaff

SPANISH 12TH GRADE - 2nd Place: Jackson Akers

SPEECH DIVISION I - 2nd Place: Jacob France

SPEECH DIVISION II - 1st Place: Brooke Ooten

TECHNOLOGY - 1st Place: Rosey Gillette

THREE DIMENSIONAL DESIGN - 1st Place: Chase Hatfield and Aiden Amick

TWO DIMENSIONAL DESIGN - 1st Place: Bobbi Bradshaw, Isabella Mark, Aiden Martin,Emilee Mullins

WOODWORKING DIVISION I - 1st Place: Jordan Preece-Nichols

STATE OFFICER: President Raylee Sipple

CAMPAIGN SKIT: - 1st Place: Allie Burton, Cortlyn Dean, Kaylee Hensley, Mara Vandaff


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