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Lincoln & McDowell Awarded Needs Grants By SBA For New Schools

Lincoln and McDowell counties are amongst the seven school districts that will receive Needs Grants funding from the state School Building Authority (SBA) in West Virginia.

Lincoln, Kanawha, Cabell, McDowell, and Taylor counties received grants for new projects. Hampshire and Mineral received the grants for ongoing projects. The awards were announced during the SBA’s quarterly meeting Monday.

In November, Lincoln County Schools requested $24.7 million in Needs Grants funding to build a new Duval Area PK-8 School. The SBA awared Lincoln County $14.7 million in the upcoming year. Another $10 million will be awarded in fiscal year 2023.

The new school funding from the SBA will be combined with $3 million in local funds.

“We’re very pleased with the result and now we start the next phase,” Lincoln County Schools Superintendent Jeff Kelley told MetroNews.

According to the plan, the existing Midway Elementary School will close and all students from Duval PK-8 and Midway Elementary School will attend the facility once completed.

The state Board of Education approved the closure of the Duval school for structural issues. Moreover, the school had problems with the HVAC system, roofing and mold.

Duval students from Duval were assigned to other locations last summer.

“The structural issues were so significant that we were concerned with the safety of our students and staff,” Kelley said.

“Moving forward, we want to get a high-quality instructional facility built so we can have somewhere to go.”

Kanawha County Schools received $8.5 million for major renovations at Cedar Grove Elementary School.

Cabell County Schools was awarded $10 million for a new Meadows Elementary School.

McDowll County Schools received $15million in Needs Grant funds for a a new consolidated elementary school for the Fall River, Kimball, and Welch areas. Funding will be joined with $3.6 million of local funds.

The school district is receiving $15 million in Needs Grant funding to go along with $3.6 million in local money.

Upon completion of this project, Fall River Elementary, Kimball Elementary, and Welch Elementary School facilities will close, and students will attend this new school, the SBA stated.

Taylor County Schools award was $820,000 for a new roof at Grafton High School.



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