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Local Family Seeks Legal Action After Carnival Incident

A family is taking legal action after an accident with a carnival ride at the West Virginia Freedom Festival last weekend.

Gabby McNeely tells news outlets that her son was riding on one of the kiddie rides when it malfunctioned.

Social media videos online captured the moment.

As the miniature coaster resembling a dragon made its rounds, the ride appears to derail and comes to an immediate halt. The sudden stop caused the ride to jerk, and Gabby’s son hit his head and face on the back of the car in front of him.

Gambill Amusements owns and operates the carnival. Owner Shane Turner said the company has a thorough inspection system that was used that day, but sometimes accidents happen.

According to reports, there were no serious injuries. In fact, the ride was in operation again later that day and the rest of the weekend.

The family hired Cary Law Office, PLLC to represent their case against Gambill Amusements.



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