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Logan Co. Students And Teachers Return To The Classroom

Logan County Schools students returned to the classroom Monday for the first time since March.

On Saturday, the West Virginia Department of Education labeled Logan County “gold,” which means students and teachers will return to school on a blended learning model.

Half the students will report to school Monday and Tuesday, using virtual learning the rest of the week. The other half will report to school Thursday and Friday, utilizing virtual learning the rest of the week. Schools will be closed on Wednesday for deep cleaning.

Holden Elementary will not open for blended learning until Tuesday, September 29, 2020, due to a COVID-19 case. All quarantined staff have tested negative and will return on Tuesday.

According to the Logan County Schools Facebook page, there have been 2 cases of coronavirus at Logan High School, 1 case at the Logan County Board of Education Office, 1 case at Logan Middle School, 1 case at Holden Central, and 1 maintenance worker has tested positive.

All contact tracing is complete.

Counties on gold status are allowed to participate in athletic activities with only parents/guardians in attendance. Bands and cheerleaders are permitted to perform. Gold counties are only allowed to compete in county or with other gold counties.



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