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Logan County Charitable & Educational Foundation scholarship deadline this Fri.

Time is running out for county seniors to apply for scholarships through the Logan County Charitable and Educational Foundation.

This Friday is the deadline for Logan, Man and Chapmanville Seniors to apply for scholarships from the foundation.

The scholarships will be granted to seniors from the county’s three public high schools. The scholarships include the Earl B. and Radine Queen Family Scholarship, the Sydney W. and Shirley Ferrell Scholarship, the Walter Vance Scholarship, the Wagner Family Scholarship and man more.

All the scholarships can be viewed here:

Former school superintendent Wilma Zigmond spoke of the foundation’s history on the Monday morning edition of What’s Your Opinion.

Zigmond said the foundation was started by WVOW’s own Martha Jane Becker.

“Martha Jane had a dream,”Zigmond recalled. “she established the Logan County Charitable and Educational Foundation to provide scholarship money and community grants to give back to people in need in Logan County.”

Zigmond said the foundation now has millions in its coffers to award grants and scholarships.

Students must write a short essay about themselves to be considered. Interested students should consult a school counselor to find out about more scholarships or visit the website at



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