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Logan Health Dept. Reports 2nd Day Of 100 Plus New COVID Cases

The Logan County Health Department reported a second day straight of more than 100 new coronavirus infections Wednesday.

According to the department, 133 additional cases of COVID-19 were discovered through laboratory testing. On Tuesday, 105 new cases were reported.

Since the beginning of the new year, 1,062 new infections of coronavirus have been reported by the county health department.

Logan County currently has 548 active cases of COVID-19 and the count continues to rise with the current surge of coronavirus. The highest number of active cases in Logan County was reported on September twenty-first last year with 660 cases.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, 148 Logan County fatalities have been attributed to the virus.

Fourteen people are hospitalized.

WVOW has once again commenced with daily COVID updates as the are reported by the Logan County Health Department.

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