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Logan Reports 46 New Cases, A Class Reunion Outbreak & Booster Shots Coming Next Month

The Logan County Health Department reported 46 new cases of COVID-19 and confirmed an outbreak stemming from class reunion the weekend of August thirteenth.

The health department confirmed 46 cases of the virus have been discovered by laboratory testing since Friday.

New infections have spiked recently, and the health department confirmed an outbreak associated with the Logan High School Class of 1971 Reunion. Local health officials encourage everyone that attended the reunion at Special Occasions in Yuma to get tested for coronavirus. The reunion took place on Friday and Saturday August 13 and 14.

Booster shots for the COVID vaccine will begin for individuals eight months out from their full vaccinations next month. Health Department Director Steve Browning said boosters are currently being administered to people immune suppressed conditions. Browning said booster shots will not be available to everyone until middle to late September.

As of Monday, Logan County has 150 active cases of COVID-19

Sixteen people are hospitalized.



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