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Man Defeats Charleston Catholic 7-3, Moves On To Finals Today

The Man Hillbillies defeated Charleston Catholic 7-3 Friday in Charleston to advance to the finals of the State Tournament later today.

The Hillbillies took control of the scoreboard early and never really looked back due to a two-run double from leadoff batter Caleb Blevins.

The win goes to Ryan Cozart who allowed seven hits and no walks. Moreover, only one of the Charleston’s three runs were earned.

The Hillbillies ended up with 13 hits all together. Casey Hurley went three for four and earned 3 RBI’s.

Man’s hitting was capped off by Preston Blankenship, Jace Adkins, Josh Lambert and Cozart contributing two hits each.

Man moves on to the Class A State Championship today against Moorefield.



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