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Mingo Co. Stays Red; Logan Co. Goes Green In Updated School Map

Mingo County now has a total of 11 deaths related to the coronavirus as of Friday.

According to the Mingo County Health Department, a 72-year-old female died while hospitalized at Cabell Huntington Hospital in Huntington.

The updated metric map for the upcoming week of school in West Virginia was released Saturday.

Mingo County is in the red again. This will be the fifth week in a row schools in Mingo County will not be able to have in-person learning due to their status as a red or orange county.

Putnam, Lincoln, and Wyoming counties are orange, meaning no in-person learning can go on this week for those districts either.

In-person learning in Wayne County will be able to resume after the county dropped to yellow from last week’s orange status. Boone and McDowell Counties are also yellow.

Logan County improved from gold to green this week.



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