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Nathan Bush Is ASW Hall Of Fame Bound

Late local broadcaster named the first inductee for 2022 class of wrestling hall of fame.

WVOW’s Nathan Bush passed away suddenly last month on October fifth. Bush has been missed greatly since his passing and not just here at WVOW.

Bush was the regular color-analyst and broadcast journalist of local sports games. He was known primarily for his sharp responses to plays and a tendency for being a little over the top.

Bush had interests beyond his broadcasting assignments at WVOW. Nathan hosted a regular weekly podcast entitled “Wide Me Can’t Jump” and regularly contributed to many different podcasts and sports broadcasts.

Bush and Aaron Stone hosted and founded the World View of Wrestling: WVOW on WVOW Logan. However, Nathan was also the primary color commentator for All Star Wrestling.

A Logan County based promotion, All-Star Wrestling's primary home is the Madison Civic Center in Boone County. The promotion has grown considerable in the fifteen years since it's inception. The wrestling league promotes regular scheduled events and has a dedicated following of fans.

ASW Promoter Gary Damron announced during the Halloween edition of the World View on WVOW, Nathan Bush is going into the All-Star Wrestling Hall of Fame.

“We will never forget him,” Damron said. “ This is definitely a way just to honor his memory and that is to put him into our hall of fame.”

Nathan Bush will join the ranks of wrestling royalty alongside Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express, the Mid-Atlantic Outlaws and former ASW Appalachian Heritage Champion Dirk Extreme.

Bush will be posthumously inducted at ASW’s sixteenth anniversary show in Madison this April.

The Nathan Bush Memorial Cup Tournament will be hosted in Harts on December 18



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