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NTSB begin investigation into helicopter crash

PHOTO | Boothe Davis : Captured by the Moment Photography

Huey chopper in action on Airport Day in 2015. A Huey helicopter crash claimed the lives of 6 passengers Wednesday evening near Kelly Hollow Road in Logan County

AM Stone | WVOW News

LOGAN COUNTY Route 17 remains closed following a helicopter crash Wednesday that killed six passengers on board.

The six passengers were aboard a Vietnam War era Huey chopper when it crashed near Kelly Hollow Road around five o’clock Wednesday evening, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The helicopter was flying passengers on flights for the annual Veterans Reunion at the Logan airport.

“The road will be closed for a while longer,” according to Sonya Porter, Deputy Director of the Logan County Office of Emergency Management.

Porter told WVOW News a crew from the National Transportation and Safety Board arrived in Logan around three o’clock Thursday afternoon to conduct their investigation at the crash site.

“They’re going to have to remove the helicopter from the scene and take it back to a location so they can go over it,” Porter said.

Route 17, also named Blair Mountain Highway, will remain closed while an investigation into the cause of crash is ongoing.

“Right now,” Porter said, “Route 17 is going to continue to be closed and I do not have a timeline on when it is going to reopen.”

No cause of the crash has been confirmed by authorities. Porter did confirm to Metro News that power lines were reported down at the scene by first responders, however no confirmation has been made to indicate the had anything to do with the crash.

According to the Federation Aviation Administration the tail number on the helicopter that crashed is registered to Gordon Prescott of Princeton. The helicopter was built in 1962.



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