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Paving Esposito Drive in Logan to commence this Wednesday

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

LOGAN Paving on the East End of the City of Logan will continue this week.

The City of Logan put out notice to the residents on the East End of town for continued paving. This time the city’s focus will be another street, Esposito Drive.

Milling and paving of Esposito drive will commence this Wednesday, August twenty-third. No parking along Esposito Drive will be permitted between seven o’clock in the morning and until seven o’clock in the evening. A notice delivered to the homes of Stratton Street residents states the twelve-hour parking prohibition will be in effect Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

The City of Logan just completed a large paving project the length of Stratton Street's residenctial neighborhood. That paving project went from the intersection with Hanging Rock Highway to the intersection with Holland Avenue. City of Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti says the project this week will finally finish the job on the upper end of town.

“It just all ties in together,” Mayor Nolletti said. “Make the whole residential area look nicer and just nicer all around for everyone.”

The mayor said the next project for the city will be focused on new sidewalks for the downtown much like the project a few years ago on Stratton Street.

“We had a pre-construction conference call with the DOH last week. And hopefully the Main Street sidewalk project will kick-off either September fifth or September twelfth. That’s the next big thing we have been working on for several years, too. About as long as the East End paving project.”



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