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Public Comment Open On Local Lake Improvement Plans

The public comment period is open until October 20 on new plans for the East Lynn area of Wayne County.

East Lynn Lake and Beech Fork Lake in Wayne County could see some major upgrades in the coming years.

The Army Corps of Engineers is in the process of getting together a master plan for improvements to both lakes.

At Beech Fork, they are hoping to eventually meet the demand for a lodge while also expanding their trails and clearing out sediment that has been making it hard on boaters.

Further down in Wayne County, at East Lynn Lake, after the Hatfield-McCoy trail system pulled out due to negative feedback, they want to brainstorm ideas to cut down on the illegal riding tearing up their property. They also want to expand WiFi and cell service and be better about advertising.

The final regional master plan is expected in December.

You can find more information or provide feedback by visiting the US Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District website.



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