Members of this year’s senior class hold a special distinction having been born in the year when Osama Bin Laden and his gang of terrorists attacked the country on 911----September 11, 2001----changing the USA forever. While those changes haven’t meant much to them because they’ve always been there for them, the changes have become the new norm for their parents.

My eldest granddaughter Madison, now a Sr. at CRHS was just a few months old when the attacks took place and knows about it through history, videos and accounts replayed countless times on television and other mediums, but the rest of us watched it on live TV while fearful of what it all meant for our country and our kids.

But, we have, in spite of being in continuous warfare, survived with fresh scars; even to the point that division marks our society more than being unified does. You remember that too as a part of those 911 days when the country was one, unified against these enemies who killed over 3,000 of our fellow citizens, don’t you? Yet, today it seems we can come together on little, more often than not having no ability it seems to agree to disagree.

As this year’s class moves through the next nine months to finish their public school years they will create many new memories while observing some older ones. Hopefully they will mark 911 with special dedication knowing they are part of the first full generation to have grown with the memory of those eventful days with a personal pledge to use what they have and will learn to help move this country together.

That, it seems to me will really be one of the things to make us great again, if you happen to be of the belief that we aren’t as great a nation as we once were. We can always do better, especially if we remember the past.

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