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Unofficial election results for the General Election in Logan County

WVOW's Aaron Stone and mike Collins discuss and report the results of the 2022 mid-term General Election returns from the Logan County Courthouse. The were joined by Logan County Commissioner Danny Ellis. Commissioner Ellis decided not to run for re-election this year after a twelve years on the commission.

Faith Bannister | WVOW News

LOGAN The unofficial results of the general mid-term election came into the Logan County Clerk’s office at 8:46 p.m. Tuesday, November 8.

In the District One Congressional race, Republican incumbent Carol Miller carried Logan County over her opponents Democrat Lacy Watson and Independent write-in Belinda Fox-Spencer with 76.34% of the vote. Mrs. Miller collected 150,859 votes or 66.72% of the district wide vote.

For the 7th District Senate seat, a close race between Democrat Dr. Ron Stollings and Republican Mike Stuart ended with Stuart in the lead with 58.87% of votes in his favor in Logan County alone. Mr. Stuart handed the veteran Dr. Stollings with totals from Logan, Boone, Lincoln and Kanawha counties equaling 13,198 votes or 58.18% of the vote. Stollings received 9,488 in the district or 41.82 % of votes.

For the Logan County Commission race, the only contest county race, Republican Billy Jack Dickerson led the polls through the evening, ahead of Democrat Bill Copley and Independent write-in Joey Stevens. Mr. Dickerson won with a majority vote of 72.38% or 4,496 votes. Mr. Copley picked up 27.62% of votes with 1,716 ballots cast.

In the District 31 House of Delegates race, Republican Margitta Mazzocchi defeated her Democratic opponent, Ken Wilson. District 31 encompasses portions of Logan, Boone and Lincoln counties. District wide, Mrs. Mazzocchi received 2,313 votes. Wilson received 1,106 votes and Independent Brannon Akers picked up 375 votes.

In the House of Delegates District 33 race, Republican Jordan Bridges claimed the House seat over Democrat George Howes. Bridges picked up 2,530 votes and Howes ended up with 1,170 votes.

Amendments 1 through 4 on the ballot received an average of 47.34% disapproval across Logan County; although, the Board of Education Levy passed with 66.07% in favor of the levy.

Voter turnout in Logan County was 30.35%.

Listen to complete coverage of Logan's election returns at the link below:



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