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Utah Man Arrested For Attempted Car Theft In Logan Co.

A man from Utah was arrested in Logan County Saturday after allegedly trying to steal a vehicle.

A deputy was responding to an area near the Logan County Courthouse to investigate a report of a man attempting to steal a vehicle. The complaint said a woman reported the man was in her vehicle and refused to get out.

The suspect, 32-year-old Jameel Jouquin, was approached by an officer and questioned. Jouquin said he didn’t know whose car he was in and then fled on foot.

According to reports, Jouquin jumped into the back of a truck. The driver of the truck stopped the vehicle and Jouquin allegedly tried to fight with officers from the back of the truck.

Police say they had to use a stun gun on Jouquin and several officers had to assist in subduing him.

Jouquin was taken to Logan Regional Medical Center to be evaluated, and then was then transported to Southwestern Regional Jail. He is charged with fleeing on foot, battery on an officer, assault on a police officer, grand theft auto and tampering with a motor vehicle. No bond has been set.

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