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W.Va. To Receive 1% Of Purdue Settlement

A recently released document detailing Purdue Pharma’s settlement plan shows West Virginia would get a little more than 1% of the $7 billion allocation despite being one of the most impacted states in the opioid epidemic.

That means the state will receive about $81 million from the settlement.

Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy after federal lawsuits began piling up. The $7 billion proposal represents a combining of company assets and a guaranteed $4.275 billion from the Sackler family, a contribution of nearly 50% more than the family’s offer from two years ago. It also removes the family’s control and ownership of Purdue Pharma, effectively barring them from any future involvement in opioid sales in the U.S.

W. Va. Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed suit against Purdue Pharma and former chief executive Richard Sackler in May 2019. The lawsuit alleges Purdue Pharma created a false narrative to convince those who would prescribe the medication that opioids are not addictive and that its opioid products were safer than they actually were.



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