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Williamson Fire Dept. retrieve potential murder weapon

Fire Department divers located a possible murder weapon from a Mingo County homicide.

The Williamson Fire Department reported the dive team recovered a hammer from Laurel Lake Wednesday while working in with the Williamson Police Department. The hammer is believed to have been used to kill John Jackson.

Jackson was killed May 16, 2020 at an Elm Street apartment in Williamson. Investigators allege the killers set fire to Jackson’s apartment to conceal the murder.

Two Williamson firefighters were injured putting out the blaze.

Police believed the weapon, a hammer, was discarded in Laurel Lake based on information obtained during the investigation.

The Mingo County grand jury returned indictments on three individuals last month. The indictment charges them with Jackson’s murder, arson, and other charges.

Photos | Williamson Fire Department



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