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Advertise with WVOW Radio: Your Local Business's Winning Strategy

Why Choose Radio Advertising?
  • Unmatched Reach: Radio remains a powerful medium to connect with a diverse and engaged audience, reaching potential customers during their daily routines.
  • Memorable Impact: Repetition is key to memorability, and radio advertising ensures your message is heard frequently, enhancing brand recall and recognition.
  • Community Trust: With over 70 years in the heart of the community, WVOW Radio has established deep connections and local trust, giving your business authenticity.

WVOW is the only media outlet that deliver Logan, Mingo, Boone, Lincoln, Pike, Martin, Wyoming and McDowell counties with just one buy.

Why Advertise with WVOW?

  • Unbeatable Exposure: With WVOW-FM averaging 20,000-60,000 listeners per hour and WVOW-AM averaging 2,500-10,000 listeners per hour, your message gets amplified effectively.

  • Targeted Reach: Our demographic breakdown, including age and gender percentages, guarantees your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

  • Digital Engagement: generates an average of 60,000 clicks per week, expanding your brand's online presence alongside your radio campaign.


Maximize Your Marketing Budget: Advertising with WVOW is the most efficient and cost-effective way to reach potential customers in Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. Tap into our established local presence and amplify your business's message to a captivated audience.

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Let's get started on driving your success through effective radio advertising.

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