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Governor Jim Justice Sworn in For 2nd Term

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Today was inauguration day in the Charleston.

Governor Jim Justice took the oath of office for a second time at a public ceremony outside of the state Capitol. Justice’s second term as governor began Monday. He was sworn in during a private ceremony.

Justice is the 36th Governor of the State of W.Va.

This is Justice’s first term as a Republican. He switched parties during his first 8 months of office in 2017.

Justice used his first inaugural address to present big plans for West Virginia and direct attention to the state’s budget problems.

Four years later, the state is mid-stream of a viral pandemic that has claimed the lives of 1,800 West Virginians.

The governor again pulled out all the familiar stops of previous addresses. Justice plopped down the tackle box and hatchet that were among the only possessions of a nameless woman. The governor claims to have over compensated the woman for the items because he wanted to help her out. He said today he wished he gave her more.

Justice said being governor has been an honor beyond belief.

The other state constitutional office holders also swore their oaths today: newly-elected justices of the state Supreme Court, including Tim Armstead, John Hutchison and Bill Wooton. Also sworn in were Agriculture Secretary Kent Leonhardt, Auditor J.B. McCuskey, Secretary of State Mac Warner, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and new Treasurer Riley Moore.


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