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Logan BOE approves assistant superintendent retirement

AM Stone | WVOW News

THREE MILE CURVE Local board members approved retirement request for the assistant superintendent

Logan County Board of education met in regular session Tuesday night in the boardroom at the Ralph R Willis Career and Technical Center. Amongst other actions, the board approved the retirement of Assistant Superintendent Darlene Dingess Adkins.

The retirement was added to the board’s agenda Friday and Ms Dingess Adkins was listed under termination. The agenda was amended to reflect the retirement before voting.

The Logan Board will meet again Thursday, October 27 in special session at the central office at Aracoma. That meeting will fall on the heels of a the State board of Education hearing the findings of special a circumstance review that took place last month.

The review was at the specific direction of the State Superintendent, David Roach, to investigate official complaints submitted to the department of education and through routine federal programs monitoring.

President White says the meeting of the local board is needed for expulsion hearings. Superintendent Patricia Lucas is listed on the Logan Board’s agenda to discuss the state’s investigation.

The Logan Board of Education meeting at the Central Office Thursday begins at 5 p.m.

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