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President Biden Addresses Climate Change And Coal

President Joe Biden signed executive orders on climate change and the environment on Wednesday.

The president’s main focus surrounded clean energy jobs and rebuilding the economy with more job opportunities across various industries.

President Biden spoke about the coal industry, saying he wants to reclaim mines that have been closed and bring new jobs to the industry. The president stressed that he is not banning fracking, however the government will begin to regulate the leasing opportunities for the oil and gas industry. National reserves and communities will be protected by the government when it comes to these agreements in the future.

President Biden also signed an executive order to tackle the climate crisis. Climate change has now been elevated to a national security priority.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice discussed the future of coal jobs in the state during his press conference on Wednesday. Governor Justice said he’s spoken to President Biden about ensuring the safety of coal jobs and the future of hydraulic fracturing.

Wednesday’s actions will also create a commission focused on environmental justice and green jobs, direct federal agencies to rely on science in their rulemaking and convene a climate summit of world leaders on Earth Day, April 22.

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