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Severe thunderstorms Sunday night knock out power in the Coalfields

WVOW News Storms knock out power in the Southern Coalfields Sunday night.

Heavy rain and gusty winds Sunday night left hundreds in the dark in Logan County and more in surrounding counties.

Accoville, Crown and Kistler all collectively have near 400 customers without power. According to Appalachian Power’s outage map, approximately 398 customers have been without electricity since just after eleven o’clock Sunday, July, 2. Restoration of power is currently estimated for 11 p.m. Monday, July 3.

UPDATE 8:54AM | JULY 3 : Power appears to be restored mostly in the Accoville, Crown and Kistler areas.

The power is also out for approximately 390 customers in the Harts area. Power outages include Ferrellsburg, Shively, and Smokehouse.

According to the outage map at Appalachian Power’s website, around 283 customers are without power for most of Mudfork including portions of Mt. Gay and Ellis Addition. Approximately 80 customers are in the dark in the City of Logan along High Street and a portion o Varney Branch Road. Electric utility in Central City, or Slab Town, is out currently to thirty customers.

UPDATE 8:56 AM | JULY 3 : Estimated restoration time moved up for the Mudfork area to 1 p.m. Monday, July 3.

Also in Logan County, around 165 customers are without power along Hanging Rock Highway (Old 10) at Dabney, Lyburn and Neibert.

Power is also out in Mingo County From Myrtle to the Kentucky line. The outage includes around a thousand customers in Naugatuck, Lenore, Laural Creek,

As of 8 a.m. Monday (July 3), the estimated restoration time for the effected areas is 11 p.m.

Power outages by county as of 8:30 a.m. Monday morning Boone (355), Logan (1,028), Lincoln (844), and Mingo (1,268).

Appalachian Power report 8,816 total customer outages as of 8 o’clock Monday morning.

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