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Wyoming Co. Man Pleads Guilty To Illegally Killing Buck

West Virginia Natural Resources Police said two men pleaded guilty to charges in the investigation of the illegal killing of a 10-point buck more than two years after the violation occurred.

The case in Wyoming County in which a deer was spotlighted and killed dates back to December 2018.

Police said they discovered the man who shot the deer found the buck he wanted to kill and he paid an acquaintance $100 to watch for it and to let him know when it was spotted.

After shooting the deer next to a residential area, the violator allegedly went to a neighbor’s house to call 911 to report a false emergency so a recently seen police officer would leave the area.

Police said the shooter and an accomplice were both charged with multiple violations and the deer was confiscated.

Both men charged in the case have pleaded guilty to numerous violations, including hunting on lands of another, hunting with a rifle in a bow only county and illegally killing a trophy animal. Fines totaled more than $3,400.



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