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2 arrested following incident with firearm at Switzer


AM Stone | WVOW News

SWITZER A man and woman were arrested following bizarre circumstances at Switzer

Police were called to an apartment on May twelfth in reference to a fight involving a firearm. While approaching the residence Deputy C. L. Carter alleged a male, identified as 28-year-old Roy Austin Walker, entered the apartment to elude the officer.

A neighbor told the officer that Walker left the apartment from the rear and ran into the woods. The officer gave chase to Walker, but allegedly the suspect double-backed and was discovered seated in a dumpster in the rear parking lot of Hatfield’s Market at Switzer.

Walker was arrested and charged with fleeing on foot, a misdemeanor.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, a victim said 30-year-old D'Mekka Meade had made threats against their life. The victim said Meade retrieved a black pistol, while arguing with the victim, and made threats to shoot the victim.

According to the complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, Meade and the victim were involved in a physical altercation. The victim said the firearm was wrestled away from Meade and was thrown on to an embankment near the apartment.

Meade retrieved the pistol and returned to the apartment. The apartment’s owner gave consent to a search of the residence and a black, nine millimeter hand gun was found under a couch.


Video of the incident was retrieved from a witness. In the video Meade can be seen carrying the firearm and striking the victim with it, according to the complaint.

Meade was arrested and charged with assault, battery, brandishing a weapon, wanton endangerment and assault with a firearm.

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