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5 new cases of the virus reported over the weekend in Logan

The Logan County Health Department updated COVID-19 numbers today.

Five new infections were detected through laboratory testing since the department’s last report on Thursday. Six additional recoveries were also reported

Logan County has 78 active cases, 2,838 recoveries and 83 fatalities for a cumulative total of 2,999 cases of COVID-19.

Nine people remain hospitalized.

The state Department of Health and Human Resources reported 277 new cases of coronavirus in the Mountain State today. One death was confirmed in the last 24 hours.

W.Va. has 6,955 active cases of COVID-19. Today’s daily infection rate is 6.53%.

Hospitalizations remained at 259 patients from the weekend. That is the highest total of hospitalized cases since February 26 with 267 people are in the hospital.



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