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Appalachian Power open house at Man High on Becco Project


MAN Appalachian Power plans to do some upgrades to an aging set of transmission power lines in Logan County and residents in the region will be able to learn more about the preliminary plans tonight. Power company officials will hold an open house to talk about their tentative plans between 5p.mand 7p.m. this evening at Man High School.

The Becco Project will be situated in the area of Lyburn and Man, near Route 10. The plans call for an upgrade of some aging transmission lines which were first installed in the 1930’s. Appalachian Power Company Spokesman George Porter told Metro News the project’s goal is making the grid more durable and lowering the chances of power outages.

“We’re going to build about 7 miles of 138KV and about 10 miles of 69kv transmission lines. Plus, we’re going to retire 24 miles of older equipment. That equipment has reached its useful life and the new equipment will be sturdier and more reliable,” he explained.

The company needs to make sure they don’t create major problems for residents in the areas where the new equipment will be built. The upgraded lines will, in some places, move out of the existing right of way and onto new rights of way. Porter said they want to know any problems landowners or customers will have with the proposed route before they take the next step.

“We don’t know if there’s a tree on your property that your parents were married under or if there are plans to build a new house. We need to know that kind of information right now,” he said.

The open house tonight will show what the company has in mind. They’ll accept public feedback and input on things they like or don’t like about the project, evaluate, and possibly adapt feedback into the plans. The schedule calls for construction to being in fall 2025 and it will take just over two years to finish.



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