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Businesses & court house vandalized with Sharpie marker

Several people in the city said they walk passed the graffiti on the courthouse Tuesday and Wednesday . The marker is deceptive with the spotted wall of the Logan County Courthouse.

Police are looking for a man responsible for vandalizing buildings in downtown Logan.

The vandalism occurred Monday night. A man with a sharpie marker wrote homophobic slurs on buildings, store front windows and even the rainbow mural along Stratton Street. Along with the slurs against LGBTQ individuals, the man’s scrawlings referenced the Roe v Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision and support for Former President Donald Trump.

According to the owner and operator of the Hot Cup Coffee Shop, Michael Cline said he was looking at the graffiti on the mural and noticed the vandal also wrote on his building.

Cline owns Stark Tower, the former White and Browning building in downtown, but he wasn’t the only victim of the sharpie bandit. The unknown man wrote on the on the Logan County Court House, the state building, Dollar General and B and B Loans. Many of the buildings, including Stark Tower, have security cameras.

“We then contacted other places and other businesses that have cameras to see if we could put together a time frame from when this happened,” Cline said. “It happened Monday night, somewhere between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., when he went on his little sharpie rampage.”

Dana Evans, along with Hannah Buskirk, painted the mural, Colors of Love, on Stratton Street and says the damage can be fixed easily, but she is still disappointed someone was compelled do something like this to the city.

“I’m disappointed that someone wrote such hurtful words all throughout our city,” Evans said. “Including what they wrote on the word ‘love’. It seems words of that nature belong on the ‘hate’ side of the mural.”

Police are currently investigating and compiling video surveillance to identify the man.

Anyone with information on the individual responsible can forward that information to Officer Ryan Allen with Logan Police Department 304-752-6535



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