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Chapmanville K-9 officer no longer employed with the town

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

According to Chapmanville's Chief of Police, Officer Marcus Dudley, the K-9 officer for Chapmanville is no longer employed in the Town of Chapmanville as of Friday, April 21.

AM Stone | WVOW News

CHAPMANVILLE The officer charged with the care of Chapmanville’s missing K-9 unit is no longer a cop for the Town of Chapmanville.

Chapmanville Police Chief Alan Browning confirmed to WVOW News Monday that Officer Marcus Dudley is no longer with the department.

“As of Friday (April 21), he is no longer an employee,” Chief Browning said. “Still like to know where our K-9 went."

Previously, South Charleston Police said that a missing K9 Officer Chase from the Chapmanville Police Department did not run off as reported by the dog’s handler.

Chase has been missing since Tuesday, April eleventh. According to the a social media post by Chapmanville Officer Marcus Dudley at the time, Chase was attached to a chain in the officer’s yard to answer nature’s call. Officer’s post said he returned to find the collar still attached to the chain and the dog was gone.

The dog’s disappearance happened in South Charleston and now police say that the dog did not escape and was not stolen. Captain Andrew Gordon with the South Charleston Police said Officer Dudley’s statements since Chase went missing have been inconsistent.

WVOW News asked Chief Browning if the officer’s departure had anything to do with a possible criminal investigation.

“No,” Browning said, “nothing to that effect.”

Chapmanville Chief Browning says the dog is still considered missing. Any information should be forwarded to either South Charleston, Chapmanville Police Departments or both.



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