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Chapmanville man arrested for Friday shooting at Pigeon Roost


PIGEON ROOST A man arrested for a shooting in Logan County on Friday, May twelfth.

According to West Virginia State Police, the suspect, identified as 65-year old Billy Frye, of Chapmanville, is accused of allegedly trespassing onto the property of the victim Kevin Brewster.

Mr. Brewster told Frye to stay off his property. According to the complaint, Brewster said there would be problems if Frye entered the property again.

Brewster said he turned to leave, and Frye called him back. Brewster said he returned to Frye and Frye allegedly pulled a pistol and fired several times.

Brewster suffered a shot to the calf on the right leg. He was flown to a hospital.

Frye charged with malicious wounding and use of a firearm during the commission of a felony.



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