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Chapmanville Man Arrested On Sexual Abuse Charge

PHOTO | Logan County Sheriff's Department

AM Stone | WVOW News

CHAPMANVILLE, WVa A Chapmanville man was arrested Saturday, March ninteenth and charged with first degree sexual abuse.

Deputies responded to a call at Airport Road. A mother stated she and her juvenile daughter were asleep when they were woken by the defendant, 57-year-old Larry Johnson.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court, the mother said Johnson was wearing a pair of black bikini underwear and touching her 11-year-old daughter inappropriately.

The mother said Johnson ran off when she confronted him.

Deputies later found Johnson passed out behind the wheel of a parked vehicle at Highland Cemetery. Johnson appeared to be intoxicated with several cases of alcohol and empty containers in the vehicle, according to the complaint.

Johnson was arrested and charged with one count of first degree sexual abuse.

According to West Virginia code (61-8B-7), a defendant found guilty of first degree sexual abuse shall be imprisonment for not less than five nor more than twenty-five years and fined not less than $1,000 nor more than $5,000 if the victim is younger than twelve years of age.

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